Wind Industry

It is our responsibility as a supplier to the Wind Industry that we provide a C-Part Inventory Management System that is not just about nuts and bolts. It’s about Safety, Security and Reliability.

Würth is the only company combining the best of both worlds with state of the art manufacturing and CPS® C-Parts Solutions in one package. We believe that our manufacturing capability and CPS® C-Parts Solutions bring an integrated, seamless approach to managing your C-parts requirements that provide the safety and security so critical to the wind industry. The Würth Group is committed to working with you to provide a program to manage the sourcing, supply chain, quality, technical, and inventory management aspects of your fastener and C-parts requirements seamlessly.

To meet your demands the Wind Energy Division has industry experienced professionals that know and understand the wind business. The Würth Group has been supporting the wind industry for more than 30 years globally. We understand the critical performance factors necessary to support the product quality, supply chain, and inventory management requirements of wind industry OEMs.

Würth gives you a proven C-parts management system that will offer you the Safety, Security and Reliability that you require in the Wind Industry.

Wind Industry
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